No. 1338-F(P2)                                                                    Dated, Howrah the 6th March, 2017


     Under this Department’s Memo. No.9243-F(P), dated 14.11.2012 read with No.9574-F(P), dated 27.11.2012 and No.7632-F(P), dated 30.10.2015, 3,100 (three thousand one hundred) contractual employees were engaged against sanctioned Group-‘D’ vacancies which were lying vacant for a long time. The engagement period of these contractual employees has been extended from time to time by this Department. The last such extension has been done up to the month of November, 2018 vide Memo. No.8006-F(P), dated 24.11.2015.

The terms and conditions of engagement and other benefits of all other contractual / casual workers in the state is governed by Finance Department’s Memo. No.9008-F(P), dated 16.09.2011 which was last revised vide Memo. No.1107-F(p), dated 25.02.2016. Now, a clarification has been sought for on the entitlement of the remuneration and other service benefits as envisaged in the same Memo. dated 25.02.2016 in respect of 3,100 contractual Group-‘D’ employees.

After careful consideration in order to bring the terms and conditions of engagement and other service benefits of 3,100 contractual contractual workers engaged vide Memo. No.9243-F(p), dated 14.11.2012, No.9574-F(p), dated 27.11.2012 and No.7632-F(p), dated 30.10.2015 at par with all other contractual workers it has been decided that those 3,100 contractual workers shall continue to be in engagement up to the age of 60 years and shall be entitled to service benefits, leave and remuneration as envisaged under Memo. No.1107-F(P), dated 25.02.2016.

The annual increment @ 3% may be allowed to them on 1st July every year subject to satisfactory service rendered by individual employee.

Sd/- H.K.Dwivedi

 Principal Secretary to the

                                                                                     Government of West Bengal.


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