State Assisted Scheme Of Provident Fund For Unorganised Workers (SASPFUW)

(Introduced vide Labour Department’s Resolution No. 180-IR dated 24-01-2001)

[Amended upto May, 2008]


Coverage under the Scheme

1. Every willing worker subject to the eligibility criteria mentioned hereinafter, employed in any of the Self-employed occupation (list of which is mentioned in Annexure – A) will be covered in phases under the Scheme. A list of industries in the Unorganised sector and the self-employed occupations which has been covered so far is mentioned in Annexure – B.

Eligibility & Application

2. All wage employed and Self-employed workers between age of 18 and 55 years in the unorganized sector in the state of West Bengal and having an average family income of not more than Rs. 3,500/- per month are eligible to be covered under the scheme.The eligibility ceiling of family income may be re-fixed by the State Government from time to time.

The family for the purpose of the scheme will include the beneficiary, his or her spouse, the wholly dependent daughters, wholly dependent minor sons and wholly dependent parents.

The period for calculation of average family income will be 12 month prior to the month in which application is made.

The major source of income of the beneficiary and income of his family members taken together should be from their work as wage employed or self employed workers in one or more employment or occupations notified to be covered under the Scheme.

Workers covered under the Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 will not be eligible to be covered under the scheme.

3. All eligible wage employed and self employed workers willing to join this Scheme will apply to the Minimum Wages Inspectors posted at the Block or to the Assistant Labour Commissioner for the Kolkata Region for enrollment in form I annexed to this resolution along with 3 pass port photographs duly attested, one of which to be affixed on the application form, by a member of Panchayat Samity in respect of Panchayat Samity or a Commissioner /Councillor in respect of Municipality /Corporation or a member of Zilla Parishad in the respective district


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