Major Fields Of Biology

Anatomy deals with the structure of living things, Bacteriology is the study of bacteria. Biochemistry examines the chemical processes and substances that occur in living things. Biophysics applies the tools and techniques of physics to the study of living things. Botany is the study of plants. Cryobiology analyses how extremely low temperatures affect living things. Cytology studies the structure, composition and functions of cells. Ecology deals with the relationships living things have with one another and with their environment. Embryology deals with the formation and development of plants and animals from fertilization until they become independent organisms. Entomology is the study of insects. Ethology concerns animal behavior under natural conditions. Evolutionary biology is the study of the Ichthyology is the study of fish. Immunology concerns the body’s defences against disease and foreign substances. Limnology studies bodies of fresh water and the organisms that live in them. Marine biology investigates sea life. Medicine is the science and art of healing. Microbiology deals with microscopic organisms. Molecular biology analyses molecular processes in cells. Neurobiology is the study of fossils. Pathology examines the changes in the body that can cause disease or are caused by disease. Physiology deals with the functions of living things. Sociobiology focuses on the biological basis for social behavior in human beings and other animals. Systematics, also called taxonomy, is the scientific classification of plants and animals. Virology concerns viruses and viral diseases. Zoology is the study of animals.

Organism Group (Time of Origin) :

Marine Invertebrates (570 Million Years Ago) ;Fish (505 Million Years Ago) ;Land Plants (438 Million Years Ago) ;Amphibians (408 Million Years Ago) ;Reptiles (320 Million Years Ago) ;Mammals (208 Million Years Ago) ;Flowering Plants Angiosperms (140 Million Years Ago) ;Hominid Line Begins Its Evolution (20-15 Million Years Ago)


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