Government of West Bengal

Finance Department

Audit Branch

G.O No. 1371-F(Y) Date-07.03.2017


Sub: Discontinuation of submission of Bill Extract, Top Sheet, Duplicate copies of Schedules and Acknowledgement along with the physical copy of the bill at the Treasury/ Pay & Account Offices.

Presently DDO requires to submit Bill extract, Top Sheet, multiple copies of By-Transfer Challans and Acknowledgement while preferring physical copy of the bill to Treasury. In Pre-IFMS period such documents were very much required in treasury for fast insertion of various information relating to such bill viz. Head of Account, Bill No. and date, DDO details for token generation, cheque delivery, receipt entry etc. Such practice not only involves signature by the DDO in multiple copies for submission of a single bill but also leads to wastage of time.

Now after complete digitization of entire process of payment right from preparation of bill to ultimate credit to beneficiary Bank Account obviates such manual entries at Treasury. Accordingly, the matter of submission of such documents along with bill has been reviewed by the empowered committee duly formed by this Department.The committee has suggested discontinuing the submission of Bill extract, Top sheet, acknowledgement and multiple copies of schedules/ challans along with the physical copy of  the bill in order to reap the benefit of Digitalised  Bill forms, electronic submission and payment procedure introduction in IFMS.

Now considering all the aspects the Governor is pleased to decide discontinuation of following documents while submission of bills to Treasuries.

          1. Bill extract, Top Sheet and Acknowledgement (Except where payment is required by cheque)

          2. Multiple copies of challans and schedules for By-transfer deductions. Only one copy will suffice for onwards transmission to Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal and other purpose.

This order shall take effect w.e.f. 01.04.2017. Necessary amendment in West Bengal Treasury Rule, 2005 will be made in due courses.

Sd/- H.K.Dwivedi

Principal Secretary to the

Government of West Bengal

Download Main Order (Click Here)||1371-F(Y) Directly Download


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