Enhancement of Financial Power under I&C Affairs Department || No.1410-F(Y)

Government of West Bengal

Finance Department

Audit Branch


Memo. No. 1410-F (Y)                                                                        Dated, 8th  March 2017




In partial modification of this Department’s Notification No. 3066-F(Y) dt. 11/06/14, the existing limit of financial power of the Addl. Chief Secretary / Pr. Secretary / Secretary of the Information & Cultural Affairs Department to incur expenditure on account of Advertisement and Publicity may be enhanced as follows:


Items of Expenditure Existing Delegated Power Revised Delegated Power
Advertisement and

Publicity expenses


i.                    Print media

ii.                  Audio-visual media (Electronic media)

iii.                Hoarding

iv.                 Fairs, festivals, exhibition, state-level ceremonies


Upto Rs.10 lakh on each occasion subject to the maximum of Rs. 10 crore per annum. Upto Rs.30 lakh on each occasion subject to the maximum of Budget Provision for the year.



All other rules and provisions laid down in FD’s Notification ibid and other related orders will remain unchanged. Necessary amendment in the Delegation of Financial Powers Rule, 1977 will be made in due course.

This order takes immediate effect.


Sd/- H.K.Dwivedi

Principal Secretary to the

Government of West Bengal


Download Main Order (Click Here)|| 1410-F(Y), Direct Download



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