Section -I

General Knowledge

1.Number of bones present in human is ………………

Answer: 206

2.Alfred Nobel invented ……….

Answer:  Dynamite

3.Which of the following reserve forests is not located in West Bengal ?

(A) Gorumara 

(B) Manas

(C) Sundarban

(D) Chapramari

Answer: B

4. ‘Ramsar site’ is connected with 

(A) Wetland

(B) Grassland

(C) Forestland

(D) Valley

Answer: A

5.The gas present in the highest proportion in air is

(A) Oxygen

(B) Nitrogen

(C) Hydrogen

(D) Carbon dioxide

Answer: B

6.Ellora caves are located in the state of

(A) Madhya Pradesh

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: C

7 . Victoria falls is located in 

(A) Russia

(B) Australia

(C) Africa

(D) Brazil

Answer: C

8.’CNG’ stands for

(A) Converted Natural Gas

(B) Conduced Natural Gas

(C) Conducted Natural Gas

(D) Compressed Natural Gas

Answer: D

9. Mount Everest is located in

(A) India

(B) China

(C) Nepal

(D) Bhutan

Answer: C

10. Earth Day is celebrated on

(A) 5th June

(B) 22nd April

(C) 16th September

(D) 12th May

Answer: B

11. The function of hemoglobin is

(A) to transport oxygen

(B) to destruct bacteria

(C) to prevent anemia

(D) to utilize energy

Answer: A

12. Jhum is

(A) a folk dance

(B) the name of a river

(C) a tribe

(D) a type of cultivation

Answer: D

13. Deficiency of Vitamin A results in

(A) night blindness

(B) rickets

(C) Scurvy

(D) hair fall

Answer: A

14. JPEG is a picture file format – what does JPEG stand for ?

(A) Joy Prakash Energy Group

(B) Joint Photographic Extension Group

(C) Joint Photographic Experts Group

(D) Joint Programming for Ecological Goal

Answer: B

15. The human cell contains

(A) 44 chromosomes

(B) 48 chromosomes

(C) 46 chromosomes

(D) 23 chromosomes

Answer: C

Section -II

Current Affairs

16. Which Indian state is most recently formed ?

(A) Chhattisgarh

(B) Jharkhand

(C) Uttarakhand

(D) Telengana

Answer: D

17. Which will be country’s 13th major port?

(A) Port Blair

(B) Paradwip

(C) Enayem

(D) Kochi

18. Maitri Express II will run between

(A) Kolkata – Dhaka

(B) Kolkata – Khulna

(C) Kolkata – Barisal

(D) Kolkata – Rajshahi

19. Name of the NASA’s spacecraft which is orbiting around Jupiter is

(A) Galileo

(B) Europa

(C) Juno

(D) Dawn

20. Which of the following countries celebrates Christmas festival in summer season? 

( A) U.S.A.

(B) Canada

(C) Great Britain

(D) Australia

21. The National Bird of India is

(A) Eagle

(B) Crow

(C) Peacock

(D) Ibis

22. The Author of the novel Ananda Math is

(A) Madhusudan Dutta

(B) Swami Vivekananda

(C) Nabin Chandra Sen

(D) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

23. Who discovered the ruins of Mohenjodaro ?

( A) John Marshall

(B) Dayaram Sahani

(C) Rakhaldas Banerjee

(D) B. B. Lal. 

24. Roger Federer is associated with

(A) Badminton

(B) Hockey

(C) Tennis

(D) Football

25. Who among the following scientists was associated with the theory of Relativity ?

(A) Niels Bohr

(B) Heisenberg

(C) Einstein

(D) Madam Curie

26. On August 13, 2014 Planning Commission was replaced by

(A) National Institution for Transforming India Aayog

(B) National Development Council

(C) Finance Commission

(D) CAG. 

27. The state of Telengana was formed in the year

(A) 2011

(B) 2012

(C) 2013

(D) 2014

28. On 26th November, 2014, 18th SAARC summit was held in

(A) Islamabad

(B) Katmandu

(C) Dhaka

(D) Colombo

29. India’s maiden nuclear-tipped inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) is

(A) Akash

(B) Prithvi-III

(C) Agni-V

(D) Brahmos

30. Which national leader received Bharat Ratna Award posthumously in the year 2014 ?

(A) Vallabhbhai Patel

(B) Moulana Abul Kalam Azad

(C) Gopinath Bardoloi

(D) Madan Mohan Malaviya


General English

31. Rahim’s doctor advised him to …….. as a cure for his sore throat. 

(A) babble

(B) gargle

(C) giggle

(D) gurgle. 

32. A group of elephants is called a

(A) collection

(B) herd

(C) School

(D) litter

33. One or two stars were still …….  In the sky. 

(A) burning

(B) turning

(C) twinkling

(D) tinkling


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