Government of West BengalFinance DepartmentAudit Branch


No.111-6F[P2]                                                                                          Dated,the 22ndFebruary,2017


      In partial modification of this Department Notification No.5606-F[P2] dated 27.10.2016 the Governor is pleased to declare (1) 10th May,2017 (Wednesday), as a holiday on account of ‘BUDDHA PURNIMA’, for State Government Offices, Local Bodies, Boards, Corporations and Undertakings controlled or owned by State Government, Education Institutions etc. all over the State with the exception of the Offices of the Registrar of Assurances, Kolkata and the Collector of the Stamp Revenue,Kolkata.

       (ii) 13th April,2017 (Thursday) as a Sectional holiday for the Sikhs only on account of ‘BAISAKHI’in place of 15th April,2017 (Saturday).

                                                                                                   Sd/- D.K. Mahapatra

                                                                                                   Special Secretary to the

                                                                                                  Government of West Bengal

                                                                                                         Finance Department

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