Step 1: open any browser (like Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. ) by double clicking on the browser shortcut on desktop screen or some time browser icon showing in the task bar.


Step 2. Type this Web address in your browser address bar using keyboard or copy the link and paste it in your browser address bar for reaching directly to the edistrict login page
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Step 3: Follow the screen carefully. You can find a option like “Citizen Registration” just after the “Login” section bottom of the e-District portal main screen.
Step 4: Now, you see a “Citizen Registration Form” in new window containing the differents field like User type, User name, Your full name etc..There are some mandatory fields which are to be filled by citizen mandatory and some optional fields that are not required to be filled , if citizen not willing to provide information. * (star) with red colour indicate the field as mandatory and without * (star) mean that fields are optional.


Step 5: Select the User type using drop down arrow as “Citizen”


Step 6: Type user name in “User name” field. I recommended, first use your name as user name. If it’s not available in system then try another.


Step 7 : Type any suitable Password in ” Password ” field. ( Special Note : Note down it for future reference like ” Login ” for applying to any service under this Portal ).For example, if your name like xyz abc, then type in user name field as xyzabc@19xx (xyz indicate first name, abc indicate surname or title, then use any special characters like @, $, # etc. ,then birth year )

Step 8: Retype the same password in ” Confirm Password ” field.

Step 9: Choose any question using drop down arrow from ” Password Hint Question ” field.

Q1.What is Your Mother Maiden Name? Q2. What is Your First School Name? Q3. What is Your Date of Birth? Q4. What is Your Favourite Sport Person? ( Special Note : Note down it in your personal diary for further reference like retrieving your Password ,anytime if you forget your password or lost it ) Personally, I recommended to you choose the Q3. ( Allthough, there is no restrictions on choosing any questions )

Step 10 : Type the appropriate answer in ” Password Hint Answer ” field and note down it in your personal diary for further reference.

Step 11: Type your 10 digit mobile number in the ” Mobile Number ” field without prefixing any ” 0 ” or ” + 91 ” like this “90910xxxxx”. This will be used for communication purpose or receive sms from e-district Portal during the time of application processing and aware about the status of  applied service at any stage.

Step 12: Type the email address (Optional Field). But Remember this is your one of best communication platform between you and e-District portal. Apart from you can use it for your personal communication with your favourite circle and using it you can access other Google products such as YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive, many more. Don’t worry if you have no Gmail account till day then follow my next Article and watch my Youtube tutorial video to create your favourite Gmail account.

(Read More : Create your own Gmail Account : easy and time consuming process Click here coming soon)

Step 13: Type Your Communication Address in “Address” field.

Step 14: Click “ Save” button and you redirect I


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