■ Infrastructure Development:
Wherever Beedi Workers have formed a registered Co-operative Housing Society the Government may grant Rs.10,000/- per unit ( i. e. per worker) to provide infrastructural facilities like road, electricity, sanitation, planting of trees and other amenities.
□ Conditions for eligibility:
The Society of Beedi Workers must be registered and the society must have acquired the land or building houses.
□ Procedure for Application :
The registered Societies shall apply to the Assistant Labour Commissioner of the area concerned enclosing all documents i.e., sketch and specification of the building plan, copy of the registration certificate, / order of allotment of the land, list of members, I. Card, detailed proposal of infrastructure development and any other relevant documents as may be required.
The ALC concerned will cause a security of the application and send the application along with his recommendation to the Labour Commissioner, West Bengal.
□ Mode of release of fund :
On the basis of the recommendation of the concerned Assistant Labour Commissioner the fund of Rs.10,000/- per tenement will be released in installments by the Labour Commissioner to the respective housing cooperative society or the agency engaged in the job of construction of group housing/cluster of houses.
The ALC will ensure that the site is visited periodically during construction of the project.
□ Utilisation Certificate :
Utilisation Certificate would be furnished by t


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